What is 3×3?

3×3 was developed as part of FIBA’s strategy to make basketball the most popular community sport in the world. FIBA took the fundamental core of basketball and supercharged it with streetball elements to provide a new and exciting platform that connects and engages the urban culture within basketball worldwide as never before.

3×3 was to provide an opportunity to find and tap into the millions of athletes playing unorganised basketball around the world and provide them with an avenue to showcase their skills and a pathway to compete at all levels from grassroots to the world stage.

3×3 is young, urban and with its paired back requirements, unique pathway and ranking system it makes basketball of all levels universally accessible like never before.

Where to play

Want to know where to play? FIBA has you covered! FIBA’s competition network platform houses all FIBA endorsed events from grassroots through to elite under one roof.

Head to to search all FIBA endorsed events for an event near you.

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Full FIBA 3×3 rules can be found here.

5 Keys about 3x3

Fast pace


Highly skilled




3×3 utilises the rules of the 5v5 game with some unique alterations to capture the essence that is streetball.

Main points of difference:

  • Games 10 minutes duration or first team to 21, whichever happen first
  • 12 second shot clock
  • Maximum 4 players per team
  • No coaches allowed
  • Can be played anywhere, any time. Only need a half court, ring and a ball to play
  • Unique ball for a unique game
  • All players within the FIBA 3×3 system gain individual ranking points that also attribute to their countries ranking.

3×3 Competition Network forms a pivotal part of FIBA’s participation driven model providing a platform for participants and event managers alike to connect. Anyone wishing to organise a 3×3 event can register their event on for FREE.

To register an event an event manager must agree to adhere to FIBA’s terms and conditions for 3×3 and utilisation of their FREE competition management platform. Completing this registration and adhering to the agreed terms and conditions automatically makes your event a FIBA endorsed event.  3×3 events may be standalone events or may form part of a greater network of events where winners of such events can then qualify into the next event.

FIBA run the top tier of events

National Team Events:


Olympic Qualifying events

3×3 World Cup (Open, U23 and U18)

3×3 Zone Cup’s (Open and U18)

3×3 U23 Nations League

Youth Olympics

World Pro

3×3 World Tour (Teams representing their home city as opposed to representing your Nation)

3×3 Challengers (Qualifying events for World Tour)

3×3 Women’s Series (Still currently linked with representing your Nation)

All events below this will be run by an independent event organiser who is registered as a FIBA 3×3 event maker.

All of these events make up the FIBA 3×3 Competition Network.

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