Phil Smyth AM OLY

Hall of Fame Class: 2004 Role: Player


Hall of Fame Class: 2004 Role: Player


As a four-time Olympian, five-time World Championship athlete and three-time Australian captain, Phil Smyth has represented Australia with distinction as a player.

He represented Australia at the 1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992 Olympics, and has captained Australia more times than any player in history. In his time he was recognised as one of the premier point guards in the world.

Smyth’s success in the National Basketball League is unprecedented with six Championships to his name as a player and a coach.

Smyth’s talents on the basketball court have delighted many throughout his long and successful career. As a player and coach he has contributed much to the sport of basketball and his hard work and determination as a player has bode well for his successful career as a coach.

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