Karin McRobert

Hall of Fame Class: 2010 Role: Player


Hall of Fame Class: 2010 Role: Player


Karin McRobert was one of the elite players of her generation. Her career began as part of the powerful CYMS club in the mid-1970’s. From there she was selected to be a member of the 1975 and 1979 World Championship teams. The 1979 team produced the greatest result in the history of Australian basketball to that time, finishing a surprising 4th with victories over France, Italy and Japan.

When the WBL (precursor to the WNBL) began operations in 1981, McRobert was there as part of the CYMS team, averaging 19.2 points a game (the third highest average for that year). She would eventually play 150 WNBL games for three clubs (CYMS, Coburg and Bulleen) between 1981 and 1989, averaging 18 points a game for her career (in the top ten on the all-time list). In 1985 she led Coburg on a magical run to the WNBL title after finishing in fourth spot at the end of the regular season. Karin was selected as a member of the WNBL’s 25th Anniversary Team in 2004.

Following her retirement from the WNBL in 1989, McRobert continued her involvement with the game as a part of the ‘Victorian Butterflies’, a veteran team put together by her former Opals teammate Sandra Tomlinson. An exciting and sometimes unstoppable scorer, as well as one of the most popular people in Australian basketball, Karin McRobert has earned her place in the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame.

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