John Martin

Hall of Fame Class: 2013 Role: Technical Official


Hall of Fame Class: 2013 Role: Technical Official


With a career stretching from the 1960’s to the present day, few people have done more to professionalise the officiating of basketball in Australia than John Martin. Within a decade of controlling his first Australian Championship fixture in 1967, Martin became the bearer of a FIBA referee’s pass, and officiated in the NBL for six seasons before moving into referee training.

After making history as the first Australian to be accredited as an International Referee Instructor and Examiner, Martin travelled across the Oceania region to develop referees and score bench personnel. John also served on the Advisory Committee and Technical Commission for the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games and in 2010 Martin was awarded the Radomir Shaper Award by FIBA for his contribution to the rules of basketball – the first Australian to receive the prestigious honour.

John was inducted into the inaugural Basketball NSW Hall of Fame in 2011, and continues to serve the game as a Senior Consultant to Basketball NSW to this day.

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