Ed Palubinskas OLY

Hall of Fame Class: 2007 Role: Player


Hall of Fame Class: 2007 Role: Player


Sweet-shooting Eddie Palubinskas is one of Australian basketball’s most colourful personalities.

He represented Australia at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and finished second in the tournament for most points before going one better at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, where he led all scorers.

He was the first Australian to make an impact on the American college scene and while playing for Louisiana State University he became the highest percentage free throw shooter in America. It led to him becoming the first Australian basketball player drafted to the NBA, when the Atlanta Hawks selected him in 1974.

In retirement he became one of the world’s leading shooting coaches and even spent time working with American colossus Shaquille O’Neal.


– Played in two Olympic Games (1972, 1976)

– Second top points scorer at Munich Olympic Games (1972)

– Played at World Championships (1974)

– Received USA Scholarship to Louisiana State University.

– Became the highest percentage free-throw shooter in the USA while at Louisiana State.

– First Australian ever to be drafted into the NBA (Atlanta Hawks) (1974)

– Leading Points Scorer at Montreal Olympic Games (1976)

– Played 23 games for the Australian Boomers.

– Regarded as one of the best shooters to ever play the game.

– Inducted into the Basketball Australia Hall of Fame (2007)

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