David Carmichael AM

Hall of Fame Class: 2010 Role: Contributor


Hall of Fame Class: 2010 Role: Contributor


David Carmichael‘s contribution to Australian basketball was not made in the glare of the spotlight, but through years of tireless work on behalf of the sport off the court as a passionate and dedicated administrator. Few people have had a greater involvement in the development of the sport at a professional level.

After being approached in 1992 to support the bid of Townsville to enter the NBL, David gave freely of his time and money to organise the operating syndicate and gather the funds necessary to make the bid a success. As chairman of Barrier Reef Basketball, he oversaw the birth of the Townsville Suns, giving that city its first team in a national sporting competition. He also lobbied the state and local governments to convince them to build the Townsville Entertainment Centre (now known simply as ‘The Swamp’).

Eventually, David took his passion for the game onto a national level, serving as a member of the NBL Board for over a decade. He played a crucial role in the marriage of BA and the NBL, and the business model that he pioneered has become the template for all incoming NBL clubs.

David Carmichael’s passion and commitment to the game of basketball has seen his Townsville Crocodiles become one of the strongest and most well-run clubs in the NBL. His leadership and drive have earned him a place in the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame.


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