Avis Scullin

Hall of Fame Class: 2007 Role: Technical Official


Hall of Fame Class: 2007 Role: Technical Official


Avis Scullen began as a referee in 1974 and has been involved ever since.

She was involved with the Australia Games in 1985, the 1986 and 1998 Gold Cups in Melbourne and Sydney, was involved in the 1997 FIBA World Under 23 Men’s Championship in Melbourne and was a technical official at the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sydney.

In 1989 she led an initiative to develop a National Score Table Committee which was successfully established in 1990, and for which she worked as Secretary for many years.

She was elected as President of the Diamond Valley Basketball Association, holding the position for nearly a decade, and was the first female to hold such a position in Metropolitan Victoria.

She is a Life Member of the Diamond Valley Basketball Association and she was Commissioner of the South East Australian Basketball League for sixteen years from 1982 until 1998.


– Significantly contributed to the development of score table officials across Australia.

– Life Member of Diamond Valley Basketball Association.

– President of Diamond Valley Basketball Association for nearly a decade.

– Australian Commissioner of SEABL for 16 years – 1982 – 1998.

– Technical Official – Games – 1985.

– Technical Official – Gold Cup – World Wheelchair Basketball Championships 1986, 1998.

– Secretary of the National Score Table Committee – 1990.

– Established National Score Table Committee – 1990.

– Technical Official at FIBA U23 Men’s World Championship – 1997.

– Technical Official at 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

– Inducted into the Basketball Australia Hall of Fame in 2007.


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