One-point the difference for 3x3 Wombats

The Women's 3x3 Wombats come away with the Bronze at the Asia Oceania 3x3 Cup as both matches decided by a point.

It was the day for one-point nail-biters as the Wombat Women came out on top over Thailand and the Men fell to China, both matches decided by a mere one-point difference.

Following the unexpected twist yesterday with The Philippines’s disqualification, the Women advanced to the finals and snapped up their first bronze together.

Captain Taishar Ovens commended her team and their efforts despite the host nation putting up a tough fight.

“I’m so proud! From where we started this week to where we have finished, it’s been really good. We stayed together through the grind and got an outcome that we are really pleased with.

“We got better every game we played, and we did what we said we wanted to do and pushed hard to get the job done.

“Thailand wanted to win too, they brought the intensity and we had to match it, which was hard because it could have gone either way, but ultimately, we were the stronger team on the day.

Ovens time in Thailand doesn’t stop here as she’s back on deck with the Gliders who will vie for a spot to head to the Paralympics later this year.

“I’ll be back to the 5x5 tomorrow with our first match up against China and hopefully get that spot for Paris!”

It wasn’t to be for the Men today, but Captain Lachlan Dalton said he is proud of his team.

“It was tough, but I thought it was impressive how the boys came together throughout the tournament when the four of us haven’t really played together at all and everything was such a quick turnaround. 

“China’s size got the better of us and obviously we were trying to pick our defensive battles. They’re really challenging to defend - all three of them – but we played hard and had the right spirit and I’m happy with how we responded.”

Stay tuned for more wheelchair action as the Asia Oceania Championship begins tomorrow and all games will be streamed via the IWBF YouTube Channel.

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