Basketball Australia Statement

Comprehensive investigation undertaken by the Basketball Australia Integrity Unit.

The Basketball Australia Integrity Unit investigated an historic member protection matter whereby an ACT coach (the ‘respondent’), was alleged to have been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

A comprehensive investigation was undertaken by the Basketball Australia Integrity Unit.  Following the investigation, a notice of charge was issued to the respondent, and the respondent was then permitted an independent disciplinary tribunal and an independent appeal tribunal, in accordance with Basketball Australia’s applicable policies.

Each tribunal determined that the respondent did breach Basketball Australia’s Member Protection Policy. As a result, the independent appeal tribunal has imposed on the respondent a lifetime ban from all basketball activities, competitions and events under the jurisdiction of Basketball Australia.

Basketball Australia, along with Basketball ACT and all state and territory partners, maintains a strong stance in matters of child safeguarding and member protection, and is committed to ensuring those who are found to have breached such policies are held accountable.

For information and resources on child safety, support can be found at the National Office for Child Safety

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