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Ford Dealer Network announces further updates to it's partnership with Basketball Australia and the Opals to also include major sponsorships of the Boomers and naming rights of the Aussie Hoops program.

MELBOURNE, Australia, August 11, 2023 - Ford Dealer Network is thrilled to announce further updates to its major partnership with Basketball Australia, revealing its sponsorship of the Boomers and naming rights of Aussie Hoops. Ford Aussie Hoops is a national program that introduces children to basketball in a structured and accredited environment at the grassroots through to elite levels. The Ford Dealer Network's sponsorship of the Seven Consulting Australian Opals was announced earlier this year, in June. 

The multi-year deal will see the Ford logo feature prominently on the Opals, Boomers and Ford Aussie Hoops jerseys.

The Ford Dealer Network has always played an indispensable role in helping customers in their communities achieve their dreams, whether that’s at work, adventure or play. With the partnership with Basketball Australia, the Ford Dealer Network will have an opportunity to ramp up its support at a grassroots level, as aspiring basketball players continue their journey towards sporting excellence. 

Cameron McLeish, Chairman of the Ford Dealer Advertising Fund, said that the Ford Dealer Network is excited about the new partnership. “Since 1925, Ford and its 170+ dealers have had a rich history of supporting sport across the country and connecting with communities. Continuing this legacy, we are now proud to add Basketball Australia to the family through our partnership with the Boomers, Opals and Aussie Hoops program, representing one of Australia’s fastest growing sports.”   

“We’re excited to be a major supporter at the ground level with Ford Aussie Hoops, which is especially important as it’s all about encouraging kids excelling at basketball on a community level and helping basketball dreams to be born. We are equally excited to cheer on the Boomers as part of the Boomers vs the World tournament next week, just as we cheered on the Opals at the 2023 FIBA Asia Cup,” he said. 

Basketball Australia CEO Matt Scriven said he was thrilled to announce the extended partnership with the Ford Dealer Network. 

"We are thrilled to forge a partnership with the Ford Dealership Network. This collaboration stands as a significant validation of our sport's current stature, both on local and international levels. The involvement of the Ford Dealership Network presents a significant opportunity for the advancement of our sport.” 

“Basketball is experiencing growth across multiple fronts, with participation numbers, event attendance, and viewership on broadcasts at an all-time high. The surge in junior-level participation across Australia is particularly notable, highlighted by a record-breaking 42,600 enrolments in Aussie Hoops for 2022, representing a huge 32% increase over 2021. The momentum carried into the first half of 2023, with Term 1 and 2 enrolments on track to set a new record at 21,009. The increasing number of families, young boys and girls who are choosing to play basketball is attributed to several factors, including the growing dominance of Australian players on the global stage. We look forward to taking these participation numbers to new heights with the support of the Ford Dealer Network," he said.  

 For more information contact: 

Jo Juler, Basketball Australia: Email – jo.juler@australia.basketball; PH - +61 425 716 302
Swetha Balakrishnan, Ogilvy PR (Ford Dealer Network): Email – swetha.balakrishnan@ogilvy.com.au;
PH - +61 406 618 127 

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