Boomers Team Update

The Boomers have reduced their squad from eighteen down to fifteen

The Boomers have reduced their squad from eighteen (18) down to fifteen (15) for their assault on the FIBA World Cup later this month.

The fifteen (15) man squad will now stay in camp in Cairns until Wednesday before heading to Melbourne for the warm-up games, twelve players will be chosen from the squad to represent at the FIBA World Cup.

The players not going through to Melbourne are Sam Froling, Thon Maker and Keanu Pinder.

Brian Goorjian is full of praise for each squad member and has reiterated that this is the hardest selection in his time as Boomers Head Coach.

“This is an elite squad with so much talent, there is no easy way to make cuts, but the reality is that we only get to take 12 into Okinawa. Would I take all of these players if I could? Absolutely, but that’s the hardest part of sport, you have to make the cuts, we have to keep moving forward.” said Goorjian.

“I have the utmost respect for Sam, Thon and Keanu and their contribution here in Cairns, their work rate has been exceptional. On and off court they have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. They are the best in the field for a reason and of course I’m disappointed that they can’t come through with us, but they all respect the process and came into the camp understanding what we are all here to achieve.”

The selected players will compete in the three warm-up games against Venezuela, Brazil and South Sudan in Melbourne on August 14, 16 and 17.

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