Technical Officials and Referees Named for FIBA Women’s Asia Cup

Basketball Australia (BA) wishes to congratulate the technical officials and referees appointed to the 2023 FIBA Women’s Asia Cup.

Basketball Australia (BA) wishes to congratulate the technical officials and referees appointed to the 2023 FIBA Women’s Asia Cup.  

The FIBA Women’s Asia Cup presents a great opportunity for home-grown talent to shine on the international stage when Australia hosts the Asia Cup for the first time between 26 June and 2 July. 


Australian referee, Jacqui Dover, joins seven other Aussies on the international panel of referees appointed by FIBA for the tournament.   A proud Yugambeh woman, Dover has been training in the NBA Referee Development Program and is excited to referee an international event on home soil.  

“I’m really looking forward to working the Women’s Asia Cup in Sydney. To be here in my home for an international and my first senior FIBA event is definitely something I’m going to really embrace and enjoy,” said Dover. 

“The talent across our region at the senior level is sure to bring some competitive games and I look forward to going out there and servicing the game at the highest standard across the tournament.  

“Basketball at the elite level is something I really enjoy being a part of and being selected to work the floor at this event allows me to continue to build experience while ticking off another goal in my career so far.” 

Congratulations to the following technical officials appointed by BA for the 2023 FIBA Women's Asia Cup:


Daniel  Giffney  NSW 
Jordan  Knight  NSW 
Matthew  Ryan  NSW 
Andrew  Napper  NSW 
Helen  Budd  NSW 
Olivia  Nicholls  NSW 
Nikita  Bradford  NSW 
Stuart  Thom  NSW 
Jordan  Allen  VIC 
Robyn  Dening  NSW 
Rosalind  Graham  NSW 
Daniel  Licayan  NSW 
Danielle  Schwarzer  NSW 
Sherwin  Haldar  NSW 
Emma  Claus  NSW 
Kirsten  Archer  TAS 
Olivia  Young  ACT 


Heidi  Wong  NSW 
Michael  Bills  NSW 
Tro  Manjikian  NSW 
Stephen  Creek  VIC 
Jeffrey  Cooper  NSW 
Sue  Baxter  NSW 
Rachael  Condon  NSW 
Terrie-Lee  Cross  NSW 
Peter  Nicholas  NSW 
Sharna  Edwards  ACT 
Maddison  Thacker  ACT 
Roupen  Zarigian  NSW 
Peta  Small  WA 
Colin  Hart  NSW 
Moses  Kassas  NSW 
Keira  Rostirolla  NSW 
Greg  Stevenson  NSW 

  SUPERVISORS  Michelle Nicholas – Scoretable  Trish Nicholls – Statistics   Lauretta Claus - All Technical Officials  

Congratulations to the following referees appointed by FIBA for the 2023 FIBA Women's Asia Cup: REFEREES 

Albert  Joseph  FIBA  Referee Manager 
Debbie  Keirs  AUS  Referee Instructor 
Bruce  Keirs  AUS  Referees Instructor 
Jacquiline  Dover  AUS  Accompanying Referee   
Vaughan  Mayberry  AUS  Accompanying Referee   
Ryan  Jones  NZL  Accompanying Referee   
Callum  Welch  NZL  Accompanying Referee   
Kumiko  Kumagai  JPN  Accompanying Referee   
Yijing  Yu  CHN  Accompanying Referee   
Ji Youn  Lee  KOR  Accompanying Referee   
Chih-Chun  Chuang  TPE  Accompanying Referee   
Joenard  Garcia  PHI  Accompanying Referee   
Paul  Skayem  LBN  Accompanying Referee   
Harja  Jaladri  INA  Neutral Referee   
Yana  Nikogossyan  KAZ  Neutral Referee   
Owe Shiong  Chan  MAS  Neutral Referee   
Saif  Al dossari  QAT  Neutral Referee   
Preeda  Muongmee  THA  Neutral Referee   
Chuen Wing  Leong  SGP  Neutral Referee   
Trianti  Tranti  INA  Technical Delegate 2   
Abayomi  Koledoye  NGR  Technical Delegate   
Shahrad  Shafaghi  AUS  Video Operator   
Sarah  Cherry  AUS  Video Operator   
Shaun  Dodds  AUS  Video Operator   
James  Griguol  AUS  IRS Operator 

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