BOOB ARMOUR Partners with Basketball Australia

BOOB ARMOUR today announced it has signed on as a partner of Basketball Australia for three years. Australian-owned and operated BOOB ARMOUR is designed to protect breasts and prevent injury in women and girls playing impact and hardball sports including Basketball, Australian Rules Football, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Hockey and Cricket. Suzie Betts, BOOB ARMOUR Founder and Managing Director, said: “As basketball is one of the country’s largest participation sports, Basketball Australia is the perfect alignment for BOOB ARMOUR. “We are thrilled that Basketball Australia recognises the importance of the issue of breast protection in women’s sport and is eager to support female players right across the board, in all competitions.” BOOB ARMOUR, which will now be officially licensed by Basketball Australia as the game’s exclusive form of breast protection, was launched in 2020 with one overriding ambition: to give more women and girls the confidence to play impact sports while protecting their breasts from injury. “There’s plenty of research evidence showing that impact to the breast can result in deep bruising and the formation of hard lumps in the breast tissue. Too many of us are unaware of the problem and underestimate the occurrence of breast injuries,” Ms Betts said. “BOOB ARMOUR is committed to protecting females in contact sports and giving them confidence to perform at their best without fear of injury to their breasts during play or training.” The focus of the partnership with Basketball Australia is to provide female players with knowledge and protection from breast injury. Australian Opals FIBA Women’s World Cup 2018 silver medallist Alex Bunton applauds the innovation of Boob Armour and the partnership with Basketball Australia, and is an advocate for women wearing breast protection in contact and ball sports. Bunton, who has come out of retirement to play for the University of Canberra Capitals in the WNBL this season – and is a mother to baby Opal – says breast protection is even more important while she is breastfeeding. Bunton said: “Since returning to basketball I have had many hits to my chest, and it’s come at a perfect time as I am still breastfeeding. “I can’t wait for other athletes to truly understand the necessity to use adequate protection when we are putting our bodies on the line. “Boob Armour has helped me recognise the importance of protecting my breasts in such a competitive and physically demanding sport.” Basketball Australia CEO, Matt Scriven, said: “We are thrilled to welcome BOOB ARMOUR on board as a partner of Basketball Australia. “It’s great to know there is a product on the market that provides female players with greater choice about injury protection when they play and train.” BOOB ARMOUR consists of inserts made from soft but strong polyethylene just two millimetres thick. They extend around the underarm for added protection, stabilise the breasts into position, and can be easily inserted in a sports bra. BOOB ARMOUR retails for $79.95 and is available at click here to purchase and for further information.


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