U16’S Australian Junior Championships recap day-8

Results and top performers from Day 8 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association

Game 109: Men Classification: NZ 77 defeated Vic Country 71

Maxwell Darling's six first-quarter points helped NZ to an early lead and although Vic Country attacked them all the way, NZ's speed in the second half eventually won out.

Stats Leaders-  NZ: 

  • Maxwell Darling: 17 points

  • Tomas Higgins: 16 points

  • Matthew O'Connell: 10 points

Vic Country:

  • Noah Gown: 16 points

  • Matthew Cumming: 12 points

  • Jai Nanscawen: 11 points

Game 110: Men Classification: SA Metro 74 defeated Tas 46

After a sluggish start from both teams, SA Metro settled quicker and opened up a big lead thanks to good passing and even better shooting.

Their defence was also sound, not letting Tas getting any easy looks.

Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Daniel Sladojevic: 14 points

  • Jackson Hately: 14 points

  • Jesse Wall: 9 points


  • Jack Stanwix: 14 points

  • Lochie Bouncher: 10 points

  • Tre Armstrong: 10 points

Game 111: Women Classification: NSW Country 52 defeated NSW Metro 28

A defensive struggle in the first quarter saw NSW Country lead 13-7 at quarter-time but their offence improved from that point on while NSW Metro struggled throughout the match.

Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Phoebe Johnson: 11 points

  • Georgia Noack: 8 points

  • Kayla McSpadden: 8 points

NSW Metro: 

  • Chloe Bloom: 9 points

  • Binta Salawu: 5 points

Game 112: Women Classification: SA Country 57 defeated NZ 50

Through Tia Bails' long range shooting, SA Country grabbed the lead and although NZ's superb passing was on display throughout the contest, it was not enough to reel in the margin.

Stats Leaders-  SA Country:

  • Tia Bails: 18 points

  • Kiana Sochacki: 15 points

  • Shanika Anne-Barr: 8 points


  • Charlotte Whittaker: 8 points

  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 7 points

  • Tsubasa Nisbet: 7 points

Game 113: Women Classification: WA Metro 60 defeated Tas 58

Although WA Metro got off to a great start, Tas brought themselves back into the contest on the back of Sharna Thomson and Darian Sutton. With 13 seconds remaining,

WA Metro forced a turnover and Jewel Williams hit a massive three-pointer to hand her side a win by two points.

Stats Leaders - WA Metro:

  • Emma Clarke: 15 points

  • Lauren Thompson: 11 points

  • Katherine Bennett: 11 points


  • Sharna Thomson: 27 points

  • Darian Sutton: 11 points

  • Marli Oliver: 8 points

Game 114: Men Classification: NSW Metro 82 defeated WA Country 52

NSW Metro fired out of the blocks, leading 32-13 at the first change and from there, WA Country were unable to get themselves back into the contest despite fighting hard.

Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Lachlan Charlton: 23 points

  • Harry Lidbetter: 13 points

  • Daniel Goldrick: 10 points

WA Country:

  • Hamish McMorran: 12 points

  • Alexander Ducas: 12 points

  • Matthew Leary: 7 points

Game 115: Women Bronze Medal: Vic Metro 55 defeated Vic Country 51

Playing for state bragging rights as well as the bronze medal, neither side gave an inch as the match went down to the final siren with Madeline Puli's double-double getting Vic Metro over the line.

Stats Leaders - Vic Metro: 

  • Madeline Puli: 11 points

  • Lucy Cochrane: 10 points

  • Last Tear Poa: 9 points

Vic Country:

  • Chelsea D'Angelo: 14 points

  • Innika Hodgson: 8 points

  • Eve Braslis: 8 points

Game 116: Women Classification: WA Country 93 defeated NT 47

NT gave up an 18-point lead at quarter-time and never recovered, out-rebounded by 28 on the offensive boards before eventually falling by 46.

Stats Leaders- WA Country:

  • Tayah Burrows: 19 points

  • Cian Parsons: 13 points

  • Emma Burke: 12 points


  • Alison Fleming: 13 points

  • Clancy Dorman: 7 points

  • Dominique Carbone: 6 points

Game 117: Men Classification: WA Metro 64 defeated SA Country 46

With some signs of fatigue in the SA Country camp, WA Metro took their advantage and led by double-digits in the first half before converting the victory with a solid defensive effort.

Stats Leaders- WA Metro:

  • Kyle Bowen: 16 points

  • Callum Beard: 14 points

  • Daniel Vlahov: 12 points

SA Country:

  • Luke McCauley: 10 points

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 8 points

  • Riley Merritt: 6 points

Game 118: Men Bronze Medal: Qld South 86 defeated NSW Country 83

Great perimeter shooting from both teams kept it a tight contest at half-time and while NSW Country's defence in the paint was solid, they could not slow down Qld South's perimeter shooting. NSW Country made a run in the fourth quarter but left it too late.

Stats Leaders- Qld South: 

  • Callum Dalton: 19 points

  • Moses Majok: 17 points

  • Nick Stoddart: 14 points

NSW Country:

  • Lachlan Dent: 29 points

  • Matur Maluach: 13 points

  • Brandon Freire: 12 points

Game 119: Men Classification: NT 63 defeated ACT 61

A handy three-pointer from Isaac Maher gave NT the lead at quarter-time but 11 points from Tritan Scotcher for the ACT in the second term handed his side the advantage at the main break.

Foul trouble was an issue for ACT in the final term though and a big three from Maher gave NT the momentum as they went on to win a nail-biter.

Stats Leaders- NT:

  • Max Davies: 24 points

  • Lewis Carey: 10 points

  • Jackson Tremlett: 11 points


  • Bradley Pateman: 23 points

  • Tristan Scotcher: 19 points

Game 120: Women Classification: Qld North 72 defeated ACT 47

Sticking with Qld North up until half-time, the ACT could not slow down Rashada Kaigey as she kicked her side into gear in the third term and helped them to a convincing win.

Stats Leaders- Qld North:

  • Madison MacDonald: 23 points

  • Haylee Andrews: 18 points

  • Rashada Kaigey: 10 points


  • Rosemary Schweizer: 14 points

  • Annamaria Leszczynska: 8 points

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