U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-7

Results and top performers from Day 7 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association

Game 97 Women Semi Final: Qld South 69 defeated Vic Country 63 In a spirited game, Vic Country took a three-point lead into the final quarter but some accurate shooting from Ainslee Heuston as well as an advantage from the free throw line carried Qld South over the line. Stats Leaders-  Qld South: 

  • Ainslee Heuston: 25 points

  • Meila Goodchild: 8 points

  • Ula Motuga: 7 points

Vic Country:

  • Jazmin Shelley: 18 points

  • Abbey Sutherland: 14 points

  • Jessie Rennie: 11 points

Game 98: Women Classification: NSW Metro 81 defeated NT 47 Taking a lead early, NSW Metro never let up and controlled the tempo throughout the match to win convincingly despite a superb effort from Ambah Kowcun. Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Charlotte Gorman: 17 points

  • Meg Jefferson: 12 points

  • Chloe Bloom: 10 points


  • Ambah Kowcun: 26 points

  • Dominique Carbone: 8 points

  • Rebecca Thorne: 5 points

Game 99: Men Classification:NZ 74 defeated WA Metro 71 Behind 17 points and seven rebounds, NZ jumped out to an 18-point lead at the first break. WA Metro slowly closed the gap, trailing by just six points at three-quarter time thanks to Callum Beard. The comback continued in the final term but NZ were able to hold on for the win. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Maxwell Darling: 27 points

  • Tomas Higgins: 12 points

  • Kale Lawson: 8 points

WA Metro: 

  • Callum Beard: 23 points

  • Kyle Bowen: 17 points

  • Isaac Campion: 14 points

Game 100: Men Semi Final: Qld North 77 defeated NSW Country 70 Both teams were evenly matched, exemplified by the tied score at quarter-time as NSW Country's narrow one-point lead at half-time. Qld North were able to take advantage from the free throw line in the second half, extending their lead to a game-winning margin. Stats Leaders-  Qld North:

  • Samson Froling: 20 points

  • Aiden Krause: 19 points

  • Kody Stattman: 12 points

NSW Country:

  • Lachlan Dent: 28 points

  • Brandon Freire: 17 points

  • Ethan Dawber: 8 points

Game 101: Men Classification: WA Country 68 defeated NT 43 With a mixture of strong zone defence and hot perimeter shooting, WA Country opened up a commanding lead with their strength on the boards also helping. NT made a late run but the damage had been done. Stats Leaders- WA Country:

  • Alexander Ducas: 21 points

  • Matthew Leary: 11 points

  • Egan Bradbury: 9 points


  • Fabian Johnson: 9 points

  • Lewis Carey: 8 points

  • Xavier Hubbard: 7 points

Game 102: Women Classification: SA Country 70 defeated ACT 54 Despite the domination on the boards from Isabelle Bourne (ten points, 21 rebounds), ACT could not match SA Country offensively as they trailed early and could never recover. Stats Leaders- SA Country:

  • Shanika Anne-Barr: 16 points

  • Lauren Ross: 10 points

  • Zali Grosser: 10 points


  • Hayley Mason: 13 points

  • Rosemary Schweizer: 12 points

  • Isabele Bourne: 10 points

Game 103: Women Semi Final: SA Metro 57 defeated Vic Metro 55 Shot for shot almost the entire game, Last Tear Poa helped Vic Metro take the match into overtime on a couple of long range bombs. With just four seconds remaining in the extra period, Elissa Brett took it the length of the court and launched a pure three-pointer on the buzzer to send SA Metro into the Grand Final. Stats Leaders- SA Metro: 

  • Elissa Brett: 13 points

  • Juliet Gordon: 11 points

  • Taylor Prenzler: 9 points

Vic Metro:

  • Cassidy Gould: 15 points

  • Last Tear Poa: 10 points

  • Lucy Cochrane: 8 points

Game 104: Women Classification: NSW Country 59 defeated WA Country 42 Trailing by six at quarter-time, NSW Country continued to miss shots as the deficit ballooned to 12. After a time-out, their intensity lifted and they were able to tie the match going into the main break before a second half domination on the rebounds helped them open up a game-winning advantage. Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Isabel Palmer: 15 points

  • Serena Waters: 11 points

  • Josephine Pinkerton: 6 points

WA Country:

  • Emma Burke: 16 points

  • Cian Parsons: 8 points

  • Emmett Clinch Hoycard: 6 points

Game 105: Men Classification: Vic Country 72 defeated SA Country 67 A couple of three-pointers from Ky Matthews-Hampton gave SA Country the early advantage while some steals at the defensive end gave them a double-digit lead by quarter-time. Noah Gown's hot shooting brought Vic Country back into the contest before a sensational three-pointer from Reid Nanscawen pushed them into the lead late in the match. Foul trouble then restricted SA Country from getting back into the lead. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Jai Nanscawen: 17 points

  • Noah Gown: 15 points

  • Stephen Cumming: 14 points

SA Country:

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 32 points

  • Mitch Wellington: 11 points

  • Sebastian Bald: 8 points

Game 106: Men Semi Final: Vic Metro 67 defeated Qld South 54 Qld South opened up a healthy advantage but strong team-play led by Sean McDonald brought Vic Metro back into the contest and eventually into a lead that they would not surrender. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Austin Bradtke: 20 points

  • Sean McDonald: 19 points

  • Tyler Robertson: 16 points

Qld South: 

  • Nick Stoddart: 14 points

  • Callum Dalton: 12 points

  • Flynn Cameron: 8 points

Game 107: Men Classification: NSW Metro 76 defeated ACT 66 ACT were able to stick with NSW Metro through most of the game but began to fall away late as Lachlan Charlton and Isaac Maher shot the lights out. Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Lachlan Charlton: 15 points

  • Benjamin Fakira: 13 points

  • Oscar Dumas: 10 points


  • Isaac Maher: 18 points

  • Derek Emelifeonwu: 14 points

  • Bradley Pateman: 13 points

Game 108: Women Classification: NZ 52 defeated Qld North 48 Qld North showed their capabilities with a 13-point lead at half-time but a determined NZ side drew level with a quarter remaining before performing well down the stretch to win. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 26 points

  • Lily Riani Rangi: 9 points

  • Frances Teneva Ropati: 6 points

Qld North:

  • Haylee Andrews: 21 points

  • Madison MacDonald: 9 points

  • Sarrah Myrteza: 8 points

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