U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-6

Results and top performers from Day 6 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association

Game 85 Women Quarter Final: Vic Country 94 defeated SA Country 48 In a heated and exciting contest with a lot on the line, Vic Country's exceptional long range shooting proved the difference as Jessie Rennie nailed 6-7 from the three-point line. Trailing by 13 after one quarter, SA Country were unable to reel in the margin. Stats Leaders-  Vic Country: 

  • Jessie Rennie: 20 points
  • Chelsea D'Angelo: 16 points
  • Stephanie Gorman: 12 points

SA Country:

  • Taylah Levy: 10 points
  • Tia Bails: 8 points
  • Shanika Anne-Barr: 7 points

Game 86: Men Quarter Final: Qld North 74 defeated NZ 66 Although they attempted one less field goal than NZ, Qld North sank nine more field goals to overcome double-doubles from Tomas Higgins (17 points, 17 rebounds) and Maxwell Darling (14 and 14).. Stats Leaders- Qld North:

  • Samson Froling: 18 points
  • Ryan Runnalls: 12 points
  • Lachlan Mills: 11 points


  • Tomas Higgins: 17 points
  • Maxwell Darling: 14 points
  • Oscar Oswald: 14 points

Game 87: Women Classification: Tas 52 defeated NSW Metro 40 With the game tied at quarter-time, Tasmania used four three-points in the second term to break the match open. From there, they were able to capitalise and win by double-digits. Stats Leaders- Tas:

  • Sharna Thomson: 14 points
  • Marli Oliver: 10 points
  • Claudia Howard: 8 points

NSW Metro: 

  • Binta Salawu: 12 points
  • Ella O'Halloran: 7 points
  • Charlotte Gorman: 7 points

Game 88: Men Quarter Final: NSW Country 69 defeated WA Metro 54 Taking a four-point lead into half-time, WA Metro were unable to convert the victory as Lachlan Dent led his side in the comeback although the margin was greater than the contest suggested. Stats Leaders-  NSW Country:

  • Lachan Dent: 24 points
  • Will Cranston-Lown: 13 points
  • Brandon Freire: 11 points

WA Metro:

  • Callum Beard: 20 points
  • Kyle Bowen: 12 points
  • Dyson Lowe: 11 points

Game 89: Women Quarter Final: Qld South 71 defeated ACT 64 The lead constantly see-sawed in this match with Qld South overcoming a four-point deficit at the first break to lead by one at half-time. Rosemary Schweizer helped ACT back into the game while Shyla Heal controlled the tempo for her team. Coming out with an aggressive mindset in the fourth period, Qld South turned a three-point margin into a one-point lead but a thrilling conclusion was put on hold as the match entered overtime. Qld South eventually prevailed in a brilliant match. Stats Leaders- Qld South:

  • Shyla Heal: 20 points
  • Ula Motuga: 13 points
  • Meila Goodchild: 11 points


  • Rosemary Schweizer: 21 points
  • Hayley Mason: 13 points
  • Isabelle Bourne: 12 points

Game 90: Men Classification: SA Metro 85 defeated NT 70 Both sides exemplified their impressive talents with Max Davies (14 points, 11 rebounds) from NT and Jesse Wall (12 and 10) from SA Metro battling under the ring while Jackson Hately (23 points on 6-15 three-point shooting) and Keenan Abbott (14 on 4-10) shot the lights out. Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Jackson Hately: 23 points
  • Matthew Tassell: 18 points
  • Jesse Wall: 12 points


  • Max Davies: 14 points
  • Keenan Abbott: 14 points
  • Lewis Carey: 12 points

Game 91: Women Quarter Final: Vic Metro 79 defeated Qld North 55 With a more aggressive brand of basketball, Vic Metro opened up an early lead that they never surrendered to win through to the Semi Final. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro: 

  • Madeline Puli: 16 points
  • Lucy Cochrane: 15 points
  • Cassidy Gould: 12 points

Qld North:

  • Majella Carey: 12 points
  • Haylee Andrews: 12 points
  • Rashada Kaigey: 12 points

Game 92: Men Quarter Final: Qld South 86 defeated SA Country 49 SA Country showed grit and determination but following the first quarter, Qld South were able to pull away and complete a convincing win. Stats Leaders- Qld South:

  • Callum Dalton: 31 points
  • Nick Stoddart: 27 points
  • Moses Majok: 10 points

SA Country:

  • Nicholas Lacey: 12 points
  • Sebastian Bald: 10 points
  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 6 points

Game 93: Women Classification: WA Metro 67 defeated NSW Country 65 Some hot shooting from Isabel Palmer and tight team defence gave NSW Country an eight-point lead at the first change. WA Metro eventually worked their way into the game and a strong finish combined with foul trouble for NSW Country handed WA Metro the spectacular last minute victory. Stats Leaders- WA Metro:

  • Samantha Ashby: 13 points
  • Emma Clarke: 11 points
  • Lauren Thompson: 9 points

NSW Country:

  • Isabel Palmer: 28 points
  • Serena Waters: 12 points
  • Eleanor Pinkerton: 8 points

Game 94: Men Quarter Final: Vic Metro 76 defeated Vic Country 53 In front of a loud crowd, Vic Country pushed their noses ahead at quarter-time but an attacking offence from Vic Metro eventually wore them down as they turned a five-point half-time lead into a 23-point win. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Keli Leaupepe: 21 points
  • Matthew Roberts: 13 points
  • Austin Bradtke: 10 points

Vic Country: 

  • Jai Nanscawen: 10 points
  • Reid Nanscawen: 9 points
  • Noah Gown: 9 points

Game 95: Women Quarter Final: SA Metro 87 defeated NZ 55 Exploding out of the blocks, SA Metro scored the first 14 points of the game but once NZ settled, they were able to reduce the margin at half-time. Sensing the threat, SA Metro pushed the game into another gear and although they used their bench in the final quarter, their rhythm and intensity never wavered. Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Elissa Brett: 17 points
  • Darcy Rees: 14 points
  • Juliet Gordon: 13 points


  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 20 points
  • Tsubasa Nisbet: 10 points
  • Lily Riani Rangi: 10 points

Game 96: Men Classification: Tas 68 defeated NSW Metro 61 Trailing by four points at quarter-time, NSW Metro knew they had a fight on their hands but with every run they made, Tasmania were able to respond. A fantastic team effort saw them over the line although NSW Metro made them claw their way there. Stats Leaders- Tas:

  • Tre Armstrong: 31 points
  • Lochie Boucher: 13 points
  • Troy Schaeche: 9 points

NSW Metro:

  • Lachlan Charlton: 21 points
  • Benjamin Fakira: 11 points
  • Oscar Dumas: 6 points

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