U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-5

Results and top performers from Day 4 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association

Game 68 Women Pool B: Vic Country 97 defeated NT 13 NT struggled to get the ball to their end, doubling Vic Country in turnovers while Chelsea D'Angelo and Agnes Emma-Nnopu recorded double-doubles. Stats Leaders-  Vic Country: 

  • Eve Braslis: 19 points

  • Chelsea D'Angelo: 17 points

  • Jazmin Shelley: 12 points


  • Tiarni Pon: 4 points

  • Ambah Kowcun: 4 points

Game 69: Men Pool B: NSW Country 72 defeated NZ 64 After a tight opening quarter that saw the match tied at the first break, NZ's foul trouble allowed NSW Country to gain a slight advantage. Accurate shooting from Connor Edwards and Lachlan Dent then extended the margin beyond NZ"s reach. Stats Leaders- NSW Coutnry:

  • Lachlan Dent: 16 points

  • Alexander Clinton: 14 points

  • Riley O'Shannessy: 14 points


  • Tomas Higgins: 18 points

  • Maxwell Darling: 15 points

  • Kale Lawson: 8 points

Game 70: Men Pool A: NSW Metro 88 defeated ACT 57 NSW Metro were able to break down ACT's defence and score easy baskets at the rim and after Zachary Cini's 13 first-half points, NSW Metro controlled the rest of the match. Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Zachary Cini: 21 points

  • Daniel Goldrick: 15 points

  • Lachlan Charlton: 14 points


  • Bradley Pateman: 15 points

  • Dylan Giles: 9 points

  • Isaac Maher: 8 points

Game 71: Women Pool B: QLD North 75 defeated WA Metro 45 Qld North set up the victory in the first half on the back of Haylee Andrews and Majella Carey but WA Metro never gave in, winning the third term and remaining competitive thanks to Shelly Clarke and Katherine Bennett. Stats Leaders-  QLD North:

  • Haylee Andrews: 22 points

  • Rashada Kaigey: 14 points

  • Majella Carey: 10 points

WA Metro:

  • Emma Clarke: 18 points

  • Katherine Bennett: 10 points

  • Jayde Wilkie: 4 points

Game 72: Women Pool A: Vic Metro 70 defeated WA Country 32 A combination of tight defence and accurate shooting allowed Vic Metro to a comfortable margin as they drew away late for a convincing win. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Lana Hollingsworth: 13 points

  • Eleanor Leydin: 11 points

  • Lucy Cochrane: 10 points

WA Country:

  • Emma Burke: 7 points

  • Cian Parsons: 6 points

  • Gemma Dix: 5 points

Game 73: Men Pool A: WA Metro 71 defeated NT 58 NT stuck close, never letting their opposition get too far ahead but some strong drives to the ring from Kyle Bowen and Hamish Cummings handed WA Metro the victory. Stats Leaders- WA Metro:

  • Callum Beard: 16 points

  • Kyle Bowen: 13 points

  • Wani Swaka Lo Buluk: 8 points


  • Max Davies: 14 points

  • Denzel Tulloch: 11 points

  • Daniel Maher: 8 points

Game 74: Women Pool A: SA Country 68 defeated NSW Country 53 SA Country were able to jump out to a double-digit lead by the third quarter but a three-point shot on the buzzer threatened to turn the tide for NSW Country. However, some big shots from Kiana Sochacki put the result beyond doubt. Stats Leaders- SA Country: 

  • Kiana Sochacki: 16 points

  • Shanika-Anne Barr: 15 points

  • Hannah Platt: 10 points

NSW Country:

  • Serena Waters: 25 points

  • Isabel Palmer: 6 points

  • Bianca Green: 5 points

Game 75: Men Pool B: Vic Country 82 defeated SA Metro 72 In a high-quality performance from both teams, Jai Nanscawen led Vic Country from the front to a lead in the first half and although his side would maintain the advantage, Jackson Hately and Malachai Ah Matt-Lovett kept SA Metro in the contest until the final siren. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Jai Nanscawen: 26 points

  • Reid Nanscawen: 12 points

  • Matthew Cumming: 12 points

SA Metro:

  • Jackson Hately: 27 points

  • Malachai Ah Matt-Lovett: 17 points

  • Jesse Wall: 8 points

Game 76: Men Pool B: QLD South 74 defeated Tas 53 Tas was forced to play catch-up ball right from the tip as a solid all round team performance from QLD South got them over the line. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Callum Dalton: 15 points

  • Flynn Cameron: 13 points

  • Nick Stoddart: 11 points


  • Tre Armstrong: 19 points

  • Jack Stanwix: 10 points

  • Troy Schaeche: 5 points

Game 77: Women Pool B: ACT 65 defeated NSW Metro 54 Dominating under the basket, Isabelle Bourne helped ACT to an 8-point lead by quarter-time but NSW Metro responded thanks to the defence of Binta Salawu. With the margin close late in the game, a three-pointer from Rosemary Schweizer and a two from Caitlin Rowe gave ACT the breathing room they needed to convert the win. Stats Leaders- ACT:

  • Rosemary Schweizer: 17 points

  • Isabelle Bourne: 17 points

  • Caitlin Rowe: 12 points

NSW Metro: 

  • Meg Jefferson: 14 points

  • Charlotte Gorman: 14 points

  • Binta Salawu: 10 points

Game 78: Men Pool A: QLD North 63 defeated SA Country 62 A close match all the way through, SA Country's Ky Matthews-Hampton scored 16 points in the second half but was unable to pull his side over the line as QLD North won by a point behind 16 points and 16 rebounds from Samson Froling. Stats Leaders- QLD North:

  • Aiden Krause: 20 points

  • Samson Froling: 16 points

  • Kody Stattman: 10 points

SA Country:

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 19 points

  • Lewis Ridley: 11 points

  • Mitch Wellington: 11 points

Game 79: Women Pool A: QLD South 81 defeated Tas 26 A well-drilled team, QLD South put their destructive offence to good use as Tas struggled to stop them attacking the basket and scoring heavily inside. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Meila Goodchild: 22 points

  • Brianna Gregory-Johnson: 16 points

  • Ula Motuga: 12 points


  • Phoebe Buchwald: 6 points

  • Marnie Shephard: 4 points

Game 80: Men Pool B: NSW Country 79 defeated WA Country 58 Brandon Freire and Mitchell Mihai got hot early, enabling NSW Country to control the tempo and beat a gallant WA Country side who received a game-high 20 points from Lucas Goff. Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Will Cranston-Lown: 15 points

  • Alexander Clinton: 14 points

  • Mitchell Mihai: 12 points

WA Country:

  • Lucas Goff: 20 points

  • Thomas Harper: 16 points

  • Matthew Leary: 6 points

Game 81: Women Pool B: Vic Country 72 defeated SA Metro 44 Lighting it up from all angles, Jazmin Shelley's shooting spree set up the win for Vic Country. Out-scoring their opposition by 27 from the three-point line, Vic Country recorded a solid victory. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Jazmin Shelley: 27 points

  • Jessie Rennie: 12 points

  • Agnes Emma-Nnopu: 8 points

SA Metro:

  • Samantha Simons: 10 points

  • Juliet Gordon: 10 points

  • Darcy Rees 9 points

Game 82: Men Pool A: Vic Metro 80 defeated NSW Metro 59 Vic Metro looked to gain the ascendancy early and once they had it, they never let go. NSW Metro did their best to penetrate inside but were able to convert on enough shots. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Casey Dewacht: 16 points

  • Sean McDonald: 12 points

  • Tyler Robertson: 11 points

NSW Metro:

  • Lachlan Charlton: 20 points

  • Isaiah Lee: 9 points

  • Oscar Dumas: 7 points

Game 83: Women Pool B: QLD North 100 defeated NT 43 NT were intent on slowing down their opposition's shooting opportunities but the might of QLD North proved too much as they extended their lead at every break. Stats Leaders- QLD North:

  • Madison MacDonald: 20 points

  • Hayley Andrews: 16 points

  • Alexandra Flower: 10 points


  • Rebecca Thorne: 11 points

  • Ambah Kowcun: 9 points

  • Tamiyah Perkins: 7 points

Game 84: Women Pool A: NZ 58 defeated WA Country 37 NZ dominated on fast breaks while their outside shooting gave them a 21-point lead at three-quarter time. Unfortunately, the game was abandoned at that point due to moisture and condensation on the court. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Sharne Pupuke-Robati: 23 points

  • Lily Riani Rangi: 12 points

  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 7 points

WA Country:

  • Emmett Clinch Hoycard: 8 points

  • Emma Burke: 8 points

  • Eleanor Hartill: 5 points

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