U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-3

Results and top performers from Day 3 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association

Game 34 Men Pool B: Tas 79 defeated WA Country 43 With 20 points in the first quarter from Tre Armstrong, Tasmania grabbed control of the match and never gave the lead up before Lochie Boucher added a double-double of 12 points and 10 rebounds. Stats Leaders-  Tas: 

  • Tre Armstrong: 28 points

  • Lochie Boucher: 12 points

  • Jack Stanwix: 10 points

WA Country:

  • Egan Bradbury: 10 points

  • Max Murphy: 6 points

  • Alexander Ducas: 6 points

Game 35 Women Pool B: Vic Country 109 defeated NSW Metro 30 Vic Country's interior defence proved the deciding factor in this match as NSW Metro struggled to penetrate to the basket while Vic Country out-scored them by 21 points from the three-point line. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Eve Braslis: 19 points

  • Stephanie Gorman: 18 points

  • Jessie Rennie: 16 points

NSW Metro:

  • Charlotte Gorman: 9 points

  • Meg Jefferson: 6 points

  • Chloe Bloom: 5 points

Game 36 Men Pool B: QLD South 82 defeated Vic Country 72 Opening up an eight-point lead by quarter time, QLD South took control of the match and although Vic Country were able to slow down the pace of the game in the second half and get Jai Nanscawen some open looks, the deficit proved too big to reel in. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Nick Stoddart: 28 points

  • Callum Dalton: 20 points

  • Moses Majok: 10 points

Vic Country: 

  • Jai Nanscawen: 32 points

  • Nick Grantham: 9 points

  • Noah Gown: 8 points

Game 37 Women Pool A: QLD South 86 defeated SA Country 49 Although it was a hard-fought match throughout the contest, QLD South's ten-point lead at the main break was a handy platform for them to launch from, eventually winning convincingly. Stats Leaders-  QLD South:

  • Meila Goodchild: 17 points

  • Ula Motuga: 14 points

  • Shyla Heal: 12 points

SA Country:

  • Molly Coleman: 12 points

  • Shanika-Anne Barr: 12 points

  • Lauren Ross: 5 points

Game 38 Men Pool A: SA Country 70 defeated NSW Metro 56 A tight match was broken open by Mitch Wellington and Ky Matthews-Hampton who knocked down three-pointers just before the main break. Matthews-Hampton and Lewis Ridley then powered SA Country to a strong victory in the second half. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 25 points

  • Lewis Ridley: 18 points

  • Jackson Walsh: 12 points

NSW Metro:

  • Isaiah Lee: 13 points

  • Zachary Cini: 12 points

  • Benjamin Fakira: 11 points

Game 39 Women Pool B: ACT 87 defeated NT 36 After a slow start from both teams, ACT were able to find their range quicker than NT and their tough defence made it hard for the less experienced NT side to recover the deficit. Stats Leaders- ACT:

  • Caitlin Rowe: 17 points

  • Hayley Mason: 14 points

  • Emma Rowcliffe: 12 points


  • Tiarni Pon: 6 points

  • Ambah Kowcun: 5 points

Game 40: Men Pool A: QLD North 86 defeated ACT 50 Despite an heroic effort from Tristan Scotcher, ACT could not bridge the gap that Samson Froling, Frazer Roberts and Aiden Krause opened up in the first half. Stats Leaders- QLD North: 

  • Frazer Roberts: 21 points

  • Aiden Krause: 13 points

  • Kody Stattman: 12 points


  • Tristan Scotcher: 20 points

  • Tutanekai Adams: 7 points

  • Isaac Maher: 5 points

Game 41: Women Pool A: Vic Metro 60 defeated NZ 46 Foul trouble halted NZ from making a charge at Vic Metro as two players were fouled out while another two found themselves on four fouls. Vic Metro repeatedly penetrated the key and those easier scores helped them to a victory. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Cassidy Gould: 12 points

  • Lana Hollingsworth: 10 points

  • Eleanor Laydin: 9 points


  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 10 points

  • Lily Riani Rangi: 9 points

  • Lauryn Hippolite: 8 points

Game 42: Women Pool B: SA Metro 78 defeated QLD North 63 SA Metro managed to increase their lead at every break leading up to the third-quarter and although Rashada Kaigey, Hayley Andrews and Sharni Wright led a mini-comeback in the final term, the lead was too big to overcome for QLD North. Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Juliet Gordon: 18 points

  • Taylor Prenzler: 16 points

  • Elissa Brett: 16 points

QLD North:

  • Hayley Andrews: 23 points

  • Rashada Kaigey: 10 points

  • Sarrah Myrteza: 10 points

Game 44: Men Pool A: Vic Metro 98 defeated WA Metro 65 Hot shooting from Tyler Robertson handed Vic Metro a handy lead after both teams began the match with tight defence. WA Metro made a late run with Daniel Vlahov and Callum Beard showcasing their talents. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Austin Bradtke: 18 points

  • Ryan Bowkett: 15 points

  • Tyler Robertson: 15 points

WA Metro: 

  • Daniel Vlahov: 14 points

  • Kyle Bowen: 12 points

  • Jordan Herbert: 8 points

Game 45: Women Pool A: NSW Country 57 defeated Tas 47 Leading for most of the match, NSW Country were threatened by Tasmania late in the game with Claudia Howard recording a double-double of 10 points and 12 rebounds but foul trouble proved just as big an obstacle to overcome. Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Isabel Palmer: 16 points

  • Eleanor Pinkerton: 13 points

  • Josephine Pinkerton: 9 points


  • Sharna Thompson: 13 points

  • Claudia Howard: 10 points

  • Shleby Rayner: 8 points

Game 46: Men Pool B: NZ 89 defeated WA Country 64 A vocal WA crowd could not help get their team over the line as NZ prevailed in a fast-paced game that showcased high quality shooting from both teams. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Maxwell Darling: 22 points

  • Tomas Higgins: 21 points

  • Thomas Whyte: 8 points

WA Country:

  • Egan Bradbury: 21 points

  • Tom Kelly: 11 points

Game 47: Women Pool B: NSW Metro 81 defeated WA Metro 75 NSW Metro were successful in an overtime thriller, thanks in part to 24 points and 15 rebounds from Chloe Bloom while Emma Clarke scored a massive 42 points in the honorable loss. Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Chloe Bloom: 24 points

  • Binta Salawu: 18 points

  • Charlotte Gorman: 14 points

WA Metro:

  • Emma Clarke: 42 points

  • Jewel Williams: 10 points

  • Imogen Ayliffe: 8 points

Game 48: Men Pool B: Vic Country 71 defeated Tas 63 Off to a good start, Tasmania led by as much as eight points in the first quarter but as Vic Country settled offensively, they began to reel in the deficit and in a fourth quarter filled with fouls, were able to finish off the comeback win. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Nick Grantham: 14 points

  • Matthew Cumming: 14 points

  • Jai Nanscawen: 10 points


  • Tre Armstrong: 24 points

  • Lochie Boucher: 13 points

  • Troy Schaeche: 12 points

Game 49: Women Pool A: QLD South 95 defeated WA Country 43 WA Country stuck with QLD South through the first half, matching them in defensive intensity as well as transition offence. QLD South were able to take it to another gear in the second half though and their 23 more rebounds helped them run out convincing victors. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Shyla Heal: 18 points

  • Monika Faerber: 14 points

  • Brianna Gregory-Johnson: 13 points

WA Country:

  • Ella Sigley: 11 points

  • Emma Burke: 8 points

  • Tayah Burrows: 7 points

Game 50: Men Pool A: SA Country 70 defeated NT 52 NT's defence was solid but once SA Country were able to break through, they continued to grow a lead before eventually winning by 18. Stats Leaders- SA Country:

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 21 points

  • Lewis Ridley: 10 points

  • Mitch Wellington: 10 points


  • Max Davies: 16 points

  • Lewis Carey: 8 points

  • Daniel Maher: 7 points

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