U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-2

Results and top performers from Day 2 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association  

Game 17 Men Pool A: NT 57 defeated ACT 54 In a very close and evenly contested game, strong defence and goal-for-goal possessions were the order of the day. In the dying seconds of the fourth quarter, Jai O'Shaughnessy was fouled while hitting a field goal and then hit another basket on the following possession to carry NT over the line. Stats Leaders-  NT: 

  • Max Davies: 16 points

  • Lewis Carey: 10 points

  • Jai O'Shaughnessy: 9 points


  • Bradley Pateman: 19 points

  • Tristan Scotcher: 10 points

  • David Cox: 7 points

Game 18 Women Pool B: Vic Country 73 defeated WA Metro 22 Controlling the match from the opening tip, Vic Country ran the floor with ease throughout the contest and while WA Metro never gave in, they struggled to get the ball down their end of the court. Although she didn't score, Vic Country's Agnes Emma-Nnopu pulled down 13 rebounds, including seven offensive boards. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Jessie Rennie: 14 points

  • Stephanie Gorman: 14 points

  • Chelsea D'Angelo: 10 points

WA Metro:

  • Emma Clarke: 6 points

  • Samantha Ashby: 4 points

Game 19 Women Pool A: Vic Metro 57 defeated QLD South 54 Pressing in a full-court defence, Vic Metro gained a one-point ascendancy by quarter-time and with QLD South shots not dropping, that advantage was extended to six at the main break. Both sides suffered from turnovers in the second half as the game tightened with Shyla Heal missing an attempt on the buzzer to take the match into overtime. Lucy Cochrane was the star for Vic Metro, finishing with eight points, seven rebounds, five assists and two blocks. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Cassidy Gould: 14 points

  • Emma Nankervis: 11 points

  • Lucy Cochrane: 8 points

QLD South: 

  • Ula Motuga: 14 points

  • Jade Kirisome: 10 points

  • Shyla Heal: 10 points

Game 20 Men Pool A: Vic Metro 81 defeated SA Country 56 A close match until half-time, a late shot in the second quarter from Callum Blackley helped give Vic Metro the momentum going into the main break. From there, some hot shooting helped extend their lead on the way to a solid victory despite a monster double-double from Jackson Walsh (10 points, 16 rebounds). Stats Leaders-  Vic Metro:

  • Tyler Robertson: 22 points

  • Keli Leaupepe: 15 points

  • Sean McDonald: 9 points

SA Country:

  • Lewis Ridley: 16 points

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 13 points

  • Mitch Wellington: 11 points

Game 21 Men Pool B: QLD South 86 defeated NZ 56 NZ jumped their opposition early, gaining a six-point lead at the first break but QLD South tightened their defence from that point on and when their shots began to fall, they took over in the second half to win comfortably. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Callum Dalton: 24 points

  • Tyrese Fepuleai

  • Nick Stoddart: 15 points


  • Kale Lawson: 16 points

  • Kruz Perrot-Hunt: 10 points

  • Tomas Higgins: 5 points

Game 22 Men Pool B: Vic Country 88 defeated WA Country 36 Vic Country utilised their tight interior defence as well as pressure on the ball to open up a handy lead in the first half and were never headed from there as they connected on 17 more free throws. Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Jay Rantall: 19 points

  • Jai Nanscawen: 15 points

  • Shawn Clarke: 11 points

WA Country:

  • Max Murphy: 7 points

  • Alexander Ducas: 6 points

Game 23 Women Pool A: SA Country 85 defeated WA Country 52 In defensive mode for most of the game, WA Country were unable to stop their opposition getting to the basket and after a close first term, SA Country took the lead and never surrended it. Stats Leaders- SA Country: 

  • Molly Coleman: 15 points

  • Hannah Platt: 12 points

  • Kiana Sochaki: 11 points

WA Country:

  • Emmett Clinch Hoycard: 11 points

  • Eleanor Hartill: 10 points

  • Gemma Dix: 7 points

Game 24: Women Pool A: QLD South 100 defeated NZ 88 In an energetic and fast game, both sides traded baskets through the first half with NZ taking a slender two-point lead into the main break. QLD South took control of the match in the third quarter, utilising a more structured offence and great passing to obtain a 16-point lead by three-quarter time. To NZ's credit, they pulled the margin back to single figures in the final term with Sharne Pupuke-Robati recording a massive 22 points and 14 rebounds but QLD South steadied under immense pressure. Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Meila Goodchild: 27 points

  • Jade Kirisome: 16 points

  • Shyla Heal: 12 points


  • Lily Rangi: 27 points

  • Lauryn Hippolite: 22 points

  • Sharne Pupuke-Robati: 22 points

Game 25 Women Pool B: SA Metro 64 defeated ACT 52 SA Metro led for most of the match but ACT were constantly nipping at their heels, keeping the margin to just ten points at half-time. A determined effort then turned the deficit around as ACT momentarily took the lead but it was the wake-up call SA Metro needed as they responded to win by 12 points. Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Samantha Simmons: 22 points

  • Juliet Gordon: 13 points

  • Elissa Brett: 10 points


  • Isabelle Bourne: 17 points

  • Rosemary Schweizer: 12 points

  • Emma Rowcliffe: 8 points

Game 26 Men Pool A: QLD North 68 defeated NSW Metro 55 A slow start to the match saw both teams go scoreless for the first three and a half minutes but once QLD North got going, they were too difficult to stop. For NSW Metro, Oscar Dumas shot 10-12 from the field while Samson Froling dominated under the rim with 16 points and 14 rebounds. Stats Leaders- QLD North:

  • Samson Froling: 16 points

  • Kody Stattman: 10 points

  • Aiden Krause: 10 points

NSW Metro: 

  • Oscar Dumas: 22 points

  • Lachlan Charlton: 11 points

  • Benjamin Fakira: 7 points

Game 27 Women Pool A: NZ 59 defeated NSW Country 54 As NZ reeled in NSW Country's four-point half-time lead in the fourth quarter, there were three time-outs called in the final 30 seconds. Foul trouble proved costly for NSW Country as NZ had double the amount of attempts from the free throw line to help them clinch the win. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Charlisse Leger-Walker: 25 points

  • Lily Riani Rangi: 8 points

  • Frances Teneva Ropati: 7 points

NSW Country:

  • Eleanor Pinkerton: 16 points

  • Isabel Palmer: 16 points

  • Serena Waters: 6 points

Game 28 Men Pool B: NSW Country 67 defeated Tas 53 Tasmania struggled to get the ball inside, attempting 27 three-pointers compared to NSW Country's three. Kobe Jackson and Tre Armstrong fought hard under the rim for the home side but weight of numbers won out for NSW Country as nine players hit the scoreboard. Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Alexander Clinton: 14 points

  • Brandon Freire: 12 points

  • Lachlan Dent: 10 points


  • Tre Armstrong: 22 points

  • Liam Jaffrey: 14 points

Game 29 Women Pool B: WA Metro 100 defeated NT 51 WA Metro took an early lead and held it until the final siren on the back of some strong play from Samantha Ashley and Emma Clarke. Five players reached double-figures while another three hit double-figures in rebounds. Stats Leaders- WA Metro:

  • Lauren Thompson: 17 points

  • Emma Clarke: 15 points

  • Samantha Ashby: 15 points


  • Ambah Kowcun: 14 points

  • Rebecca Thorne: 8 points

  • Dominique Carbone: 6 points

Game 30 Men Pool B: WA Metro 90 defeated ACT 59 A massive lead for WA Metro was cut into by ACT in the fourth quarter as they fought until the final seconds with some impressive shooting. However, the margin proved too big to overcome. Stats Leaders- WA Metro:

  • Kyle Bowen: 20 points

  • Dyson Lowe: 14 points

  • Jordan Herbert: 13 points


  • Tristan Scotcher: 18 points

  • Derek Emelifeonwu: 10 points

  • Tutanekai Adams: 8 points

Game 31 Women Pool A: Vic Metro 62 defeated Tas 47 A concerted effort to run the floor and crash the boards saw Tasmania grab the lead in the first quarter but Vic Metro were able to adjust after that and slowly increase the advantage to a comfortable margin by the end of the game. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Madeline Puli: 14 points

  • Last Tear Poa: 10 points

  • Lucy Cochrane: 9 points


  • Sharna Thompson: 11 points

  • Darian Sutton: 8 points

  • Sarah O'Neill: 7 points

Game 32 Men Pool A: Vic Metro 91 defeated NT 42 In front of a raucous crowd, Vic Metro proved too strong with five players reaching double-figures and every representative hitting the scoreboard. Max Davies held his own for NT, recording seven points, six rebounds and two blocks. Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Keli Leaupepe: 23 points

  • Tyler Robertson: 11 points

  • Tarjai Hepi: 10 points


  • Keenan Abbott: 9 points

  • Max Davies: 7 points

  • Lewis Carey: 6 points

Game 33 Men Pool B: NZ 80 defeated SA Metro 72 Owning a lead for most of the first half after a strong start, NZ found themselves down at three-quarter time by three points after a brilliant fight back from SA Metro. They could not maintain the advantage though with NZ responding to win the fourth quarter by 11 points. Stats Leaders- NZ:

  • Tomas Higgins: 15 points

  • Kruz Perrot-Hunt: 13 points

  • Oscar Oswald: 13 points

SA Metro:

  • Jackson Hately: 21 points

  • Daniel Sladojevic: 14 points

  • Uzoma Dibiamaka: 14 points

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