U16'S Australian Junior Championships recap day-1

Results and top performers from Day 1 of the Australian U16's Junior Championships being held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Written by volunteers of Ulverstone Basketball Association

Game 1 Men Pool B: QLD South 89 defeated SA Metro 77

QLD South got an early jump in the first quarter due to some excellent shooting from Jarrett Hepehi-Karini before dominating the second quarter to take a 25-point lead into half time. SA Metro continued to strive to bridge the gap, providing a great battle as both teams showcased their strong defences.

Stats Leaders-  QLD South: 

  • Callum Dalton: 17 points
  • Flynn Cameron: 15 points
  • Jack Buckley: 13 points

SA Metro:

  • Jackson Hately: 22 points
  • Matthew Tassell: 16 points
  • Jesse Wall: 12 points

Game 2 Women Pool B: Vic Country 78 defeated ACT 75


With four seconds remaining in the last quarter, Vic Country nailed two free-throws to put themselves ahead by three points. ACT called a time-out but were unsuccessful in their offensive play, falling in a tight contest.

Stats Leaders- Vic Country:

  • Chelsea D'Angelo: 23 points
  • Jazmin Shelley: 18 points
  • Abbey Sutherland: 13 points


  • Isabelle Bourne: 21 points
  • Rosemary Schweizer: 19 points
  • Caitlin Rowe: 9 points

Game 3 Women Pool A: Vic Metro 69 defeated NSW Country 43


In a very physical game, Vic Metro were 26-point victors after not losing a quarter throughout the match. Cassidy Gould led the way with 13 points, 11 rebounds and six assists.

Stats Leaders- Vic Metro:

  • Georgia Cleary: 15 points
  • Cassidy Gould: 13 points
  • Madeline Puli: 13 points

NSW Country: 

  • Isabel Palmer: 14 points
  • Josephine Pinkerton: 9 points
  • Olivia Doble: 7 points

Game 4 Men Pool A: SA Country 74 defeated WA Metro 65

Two very evenly matched teams provided a classic first half with SA Country taking just a one-point lead into the main break. Tight defence and hard running was a feature of both teams and although SA Country maintained their slender lead until the final siren, WA Metro certainly made them earn the victory with Kyle Bowen recording a double-double.

Stats Leaders-  SA Country:

  • Ky Matthews-Hampton: 21 points
  • Lewis Ridley: 14 points
  • Mitch Wellington: 14 points

WA Metro:

  • Daniel Vlahov: 18 points
  • Wani Swaka Lo Buluk: 11 points
  • Kyle Bowen: 10 points

Game 5 Men Pool A: NSW Metro 58 defeated NT 55

A very vocal NT contingency made for a great atmosphere as NSW Metro's 13-point half-time lead was trimmed to three by the final siren. 10 points and 11 rebounds from NT's Jai O'Shaughnessy and 14 and 10 from teammate Max Davies was countered by 15 and 11 from NSW Metro's Hayden Blankley while his entire side hit the scoreboard.

Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Hayden Blankey: 15 points
  • Oliver Jacquot: 9 points
  • Zacahary Cini: 8 points


  • Max Davies: 14 points
  • Jai O'Shaughnessy: 10 points
  • Daniel Maher: 9 points

Game 6 Women Pool B: SA Metro 90 defeated WA Metro 45

Despite SA Metro leading by just seven points at intermission, they blew open the match with a 44-17 second half as five players reached double figures.

Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Samantha Simmons: 20 points
  • Juliet Gordon: 15 points
  • Hannah Hank: 11 points

WA Metro:

  • Lauren Thompson: 10 points
  • Emma Clarke: 6 points
  • Imogen Ayliffe: 6 points

Game 7 Men Pool A: Vic Metro 105 defeated ACT 50

After a 33-7 opening term, Vic Metro dominated proceedings for the rest of the match with a 66-24 advantage in the paint.

Stats Leaders- Vic Metro: 

  • Austin Bradtke: 21 points
  • Casey DeWacht: 21 points
  • Ryan Bowkett: 13 points


  • Tristan Scotcher: 15 points
  • Isaac Maher: 13 points
  • Dylan Giles: 6 points

Game 8:  Women Pool A: QLD South 100 defeated NZ 88

In an energetic and fast game, both sides traded baskets through the first half with NZ taking a slender two-point lead into the main break. QLD South took control of the match in the third quarter, utilising a more structured offence and great passing to obtain a 16-point lead by three-quarter time. To NZ's credit, they pulled the margin back to single figures in the final term with Sharne Pupuke-Robati recording a massive 22 points and 14 rebounds but QLD South steadied under immense pressure.

Stats Leaders- QLD South:

  • Meila Goodchild: 27 points
  • Jade Kirisome: 16 points
  • Shyla Heal: 12 points


  • Lily Rangi: 27 points
  • Lauryn Hippolite: 22 points
  • Sharne Pupuke-Robati: 22 points

Game 9 Men Pool B: NSW Country 69 defeated Vic Country 64

With the match tied at three-quarter time, Vic Country found themselves in foul trouble as they attempted to close out the match. NSW Country took advantage to win an aggressive and evenly-matched contest.

Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Lachlan Dent: 25 points
  • Alexander Clinton: 13 points
  • Connor Edwards: 12 points

Vic Country:

  • Noah Gown: 23 points
  • Jai Nanscawen: 12 points
  • Nick Grantham: 7 points

Game 10 Women Pool B: NSW Metro 74 defeated NT 37

A tight first quarter saw NSW Metro own just a four-point lead at the first break but with NT's Tairni Pon, Danielle Ison and Dominique Carbone fouling out late in the game, NSW Metro were able to run away with the win.

Stats Leaders- NSW Metro:

  • Chloe Bloom: 18 points
  • Lauryn Walker: 14 points
  • Bianca Blades: 13 points


  • Chloe Purvis: 6 points
  • Clancy Dorman: 6 points
  • Dominique Carbone: 6 points

Game 11 Women Pool A: SA Country 66 defeated Tas 58

An energetic start and hot shooting from Tasmania saw them open up a lead by quarter-time but turnovers proved costly as SA Country fought back for a five-point advantage at the main break. They then upped the tempo and took a double-digit lead but a determined Tasmanian side made them fight for the win until the final siren.

Stats Leaders- SA Country:

  • Shanika-Anne Barr: 14 points
  • Zali Grosser: 10 points
  • Molly Coleman: 8 points


  • Sharna Thompson: 13 points
  • Jayde Brazendale: 11 points
  • Shelby Rayner: 10 points

Game 12 Men Pool B: SA Metro 78 defeated WA Country 68

A 21-11 effort on the boards helped WA Country to an early lead but SA Metro gained the ascendancy with impressive passing and shooting. Thomas Harper hit a three-point late in the game to keep WA Country in the contest but SA Metro held their nerve for the win.

Stats Leaders- SA Metro:

  • Jackson Hately: 24 points
  • Matthew Tassell: 13 points
  • Malachai Ah Matt-Lovett: 10 points

WA Country:

  • Thomas Harper: 26 points
  • Matthew Leary: 18 points
  • Alexander Ducas: 10 points

Game 13 Women Pool B: ACT 54 defeated QLD North 53

Although the clash was tight for most of the match, QLD North led for a majority of the first half with ACT forced to play catch-up. A thrilling final quarter saw ACT make their move and survive a tense finish to record a one-point victory.

Stats Leaders- ACT:

  • Rosemary Schweizer: 21 points
  • Emma Rowcliffe: 9 points
  • Caitlin Rowe: 9 points

QLD North:

  • Haylee Andrews: 11 points
  • Rashada Kaigey: 8 points
  • Sarrah Myrteza: 8 points

Game 14 Men Pool B: Tas 68 defeated NZ 66

The Tasmanian crowd was treated to a thriller as the home side overcame a four-point half-time deficit. Massive three-pointers from Troy Schaeche and Tre Armstrong in the final quarter got Tasmania over the line despite double-doubles from NZ's Tomas Higgins and Kale Lawson.

Stats Leaders- Tas:

  • Kobe Jackson: 15 points
  • Lochie Boucher: 12 points
  • Jack Stanwix: 11 points


  • Tomas Higgins: 22 points
  • Kale Lawson: 12 points
  • Maxwell Darling: 9 points

Game 15 Women Pool A: NSW Country 73 defeated WA Country 54

Tight defences from both sides saw foul trouble become an issue but NSW Country were able to overcome that to lead by four points at half-time. WA Country were gallant in defeat but unable to break through the defences of NSW Country often enough.

Stats Leaders- NSW Country:

  • Serena Waters: 17 points
  • Melanie Kirby: 14 points
  • Eleanor Pinkerton: 10 points

WA Country:

  • Gemma Dix: 18 points
  • Emma Burke: 13 points
  • Renae Robertson: 6 points

Game 16 Men Pool A: QLD North 79 defeated WA Metro 73

A dominant start saw QLD North more than double WA Metro's score in the first quarter but some hard-nosed play slowly brought WA Metro back into the contest. Leading by just four at the final break, QLD North captain Samson Froling (31 points, 17 rebounds) took control of the match to steer his side to a tight victory.

Stats Leaders- QLD North:

  • Samson Froling: 31 points
  • Ryan Runnalls: 13 points
  • Ben Wright: 9 points

WA Metro:

  • Kyle Bowen: 22 points
  • Daniel Vlahov: 11 points
  • Hamish Cummings: 9 points


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