Inbound/Outbound Tours


Overseas basketball teams wishing to play basketball in Australia must contact the State/Territory Basketball Association(s) where games will be played.  If games are to be played in multiple States – approval must be received from ALL the respective State/Territory Associations.

Once approval is received from the relevant State/Territory Association(s) overseas teams must obtain sanction from Basketball Australia (BA).  To receive sanctioning by BA an Australian Tour Organiser/Sponsor must be secured.

The Tour Organiser/Sponsor is responsible for the proper organisation of the tour and will serve as the official contact between the Overseas Team, Basketball Australia, the State Associations, Tour Hosts and the Department of Immigration.

Overseas teams must complete and submit a form HERE.


Any basketball team wishing to play basketball outside of Australia must first obtain approval from Basketball Australia.

Please note that under no circumstance must a touring team be advertised or known as “Australia”, “Team Australia”, Australian Nationals” there should be no reference that your team is officially representing Basketball Australia.

Please click HERE to download the application for outbound tours.

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